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Peter Tufford Kennedy (M.T.S., B.A.) is a writer, director, producer and performer with over 15 years experience in the entertainment world. 

He has studied screenwriting with Sheldon Bull  (two Emmy Nominations), Dara Marks  (author of Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc), Christopher Vogler (author of The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers), Yale dramaturg David Copelin and others. 

During this time he has written, performed and produced sketch and improvisational comedy with some of Canada’s best comedians, had principal and starring roles in film and television,  (performing alongside the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Christian Bale, and Natalie Cole, among others) starred in musical theatre, was flown to audition on Broadway,  and has been a principal actor in over 70 television commercials seen all around the world. One of his episodes of Degrassi - the next Generation was just nominated for an EMMY. He also has a black-belt in GojuRyu karate, working toward his black-belt in Aikido, recently finished a Masters degree in theology at University of Toronto, and has had four children with his 1st wife...with whom he still lives...happily!

Peter Kennedy is one of the most talented, devoted and creative people I know. He brings passion and commitment to everything he does -- from worship to writing, from family to friends. I am honoured and excited to support him in this endeavour and have full confidence in his ability produce a piece of art that we will all be proud of.
        -Andréa Grau Clunie, Director of Communications, Toronto International Film Festival Group

I believe that the topic of John Donne’s life is a perfect one both to attract contemporary interest and to present a sterling Christian example in a sophisticated and compelling way. Peter Kennedy brings together the artistic and theological skills to pull this off! I am excited about this project.  
     -George Sumner, principal, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

Having known Peter Kennedy for around thirty-five years, I have watched him evolve into the creative, kind, passionate, intelligent, and exceptionally able-bodied man he is today. Among his many roles, Peter has flourished into an incredible screenwriter; equipped with his amazing wit and cleverness, along with an enviably brilliant mind, he is perfectly adept at creating original ideas and crafting them for the screen. Without a doubt, Peter Kennedy is a man of many talents; among his forte's is the art of skillfully writing for cinema.
Jason George - Film-maker and Director of Photography

I've known Peter for 25 years both personally and professionally. Throughout these years he consistently has proven himself to be loyal, reliable and of outstanding character. When we worked together developing a television show he approached me with, he displayed impressive creativity and his writing was always high caliber.  He has a sincere desire to reach people with a relevant message and so it is with great pleasure that I can recommend him and his screenwriting project to you.
David W. Brady -  Executive Producer and founder of the television production company Cream Productions Inc.